Also known as "Natural Beaded Row Weft Extensions"

Small microbeads or a threading technique replace the traditional cornrows used for weaving, hence, the name, braidless weave. Because your own hair remains unbraided underneath the weave you will have the versatility to wash, process, and treat your own hair while the extensions are installed. Since no bulky braids, stocking caps, or nets are used this will be the flattest weave you will ever experience!

You Are A Perfect Candidate For The Braidless Weave if....

  • You are transitioning from a traditional weave.

  • You are growing out a short/bad haircut

  • You have at least 3 - 4 inches of your own hair. A lace closure method is available for shorter hair.

  • You are seeking to add highlights, volume, and/or length to your own hair.

  • You are not experiencing rapid loss of hair

  • You want to disguise damaged, over-processed hair while adapting a healthy hair regime.


A consultation is recommended to determine the amount of hair, hair texture, length, and color that will be required for YOUR new hair extensions application. REQUEST A CONSULTATION TODAY!

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Say Goodbye to Heat, Glue, and Damaged Hair and Usher in the Era of Gorgeous Thick Hair

Braidless weave or natural beaded row weft hair extensions have become one of our most requested extensions. natural beaded row weaves do not require the use of heat and glue to secure to the head. The ease of application is the reason why several of our clients are opting for braidless weaves. Among women with traditional weaves, this modern option has really become popular.

The Braidless Weave Hair Extensions
Will Inject Life into Your Hair

Making It More Voluminous and Lavish than Before
Our braidless sewin weaves are an option you cannot say “no” to until you hear about all the advantages it offers you. By opting for a braidless weave, you will have the freedom to mix and match and reuse the same hair weft for several years, until you are ready to replace it.

Style It! Curl It! Straightened It! Color It!

It’s your hair. Do whatever you want to do with it without causing damage to your natural hair. If you have short hair, we will use the lace closure technique to install the weave.

Our braidless weave makeover is perfect for you if your hair is 3 to 4 inches in length, you want to disguise a bad haircut or damaged hair, you want to add highlights, length, and volume to your own hair, or you are suffering from hair loss.

This is the Easiest and Quickest Way to Get the Hair You Always Wanted!

To perform the braidless procedure, we will use small microbeads to secure the hair weft to your head. The bulky feeling you get with a traditional weave will not be an issue with the braidless weave, as the hair wefts lay flat on your head. Since we are not braiding your hair, your scalp has a lot of room to breathe. This means you can wash, care, and style your hair as usual.

We Use 100% Virgin Brazilian Hair and
100% Virgin European Hair

This Ensures Your Weave Goes Undetected and Looks Like Your Own.

We use the latest tools to ensure your weave, made of virgin human hair, stays in place. Our trained and certified will install the braidless weave. Therefore, you can be rest assured that the microbeads will remain securely in place and flawlessly blend in with your hair.

Are you to say goodbye to bulky, braided, stocking caps, and nets used to install weaves? If you are, we are waiting for your call! We offer hair extensions at home service as well as same-day consultations and installation.

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