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Offering Extensions for all Hair Types

Luxe aura offers stunning hair extension services in NYC for all hair types ensuring a beautiful & polished finish.

We remain up to date with the newest trends in hair extensions so we can offer the cutting edge services our clients want. We offer only the highest quality premium hair extensions using the most natural hair extension pieces. Now you can enjoy, longer, fuller, and thicker hair with beautiful hair extensions that are strong and durable.

At Luxe Aura Hair Extensions, we offer a variety of different types of hair to suit your tastes and preferences. Our hair extensions include Malaysian extensions, Brazilian curly human hair extensions, and Brazilian Virgin hair extensions.


We use the most modern hair extension techniques so that your installation looks as natural as possible. We also source the top quality human hair extensions that will give your hair a seamless finish. With our hair extension processes it is hard to tell where your hair ends and the extensions begin. That is because we use state of the art application methods such as Fusion and Microlink methods.


When you want to look your best and increase your hair’s length or volume without waiting for it to grow, we can provide you with natural, beautiful and high quality hair extensions. Book your appointment today!


Brazilian Hair Extensions — Make Them Your Choice | Make Them Your Only Choice

Brazilian hair extensions offer what your natural hair has failed to offer you! With Brazilian virgin human hair, you receive a full head of thick, luxurious, soft, and silky hair. By choosing virgin hair extensions, you receive an abundance of options. Our hair extensions are available in an assortment of different colors. When you choose virgin hair over synthetic hair, you receive a boatload of different advantages.

With 100% Virgin Brazilian and 100% Virgin European Hair, You Can Add Highlights, Curls, and Waves Instantly!

You can also opt for 100% virgin Peruvian and Malaysian hair. If you want your hair extensions to blend in with your natural hair flawlessly, opt for Brazilian hair extensions only!

“Only real hair has the ability to go unnoticed and undetected.”

The Benefits OF Quick & Easy  Clip-in Hair Extensions

You can change your hairstyle by getting Brazilian clipin hair extensions. You will always have a killer hairstyle ready when you need to go to an event. Our clipin hair extensions are available in curly, straight, and wavy hair. Impress your friends and family with your long, beautiful locks. With hair this real, you will nail your every look down!

Our Hair Replacement Experts Can Consult and Install Hair Extensions on the Same Day

Has the thought of getting hair extensions crossed your mind several times? If it has, it is time to act on your thought and visit us to make an appointment for same day consultation and installation. Are you busy to come to us? We can send our hair replacement specialists to your house. We offer a hair extensions at home service. We have given you no option, but to give us a call.

We have the experience, knowledge, and the tools to perform a large variety of popular hair extension installations. We can perform microlink hair extensions, tape hair extensions, braidless sewin weaves, full lace wigs, itip hair extensions, utip hair extensions, and clipin extensions.

Enhance Your Look! No, Glamorize It with Our Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions Today!

Hair extensions made of real hair will give you zero trouble. You do not have to change your hair care routine, but can care for them the same way. You are only one-step away from flaunting your longer, thicker, and voluminous hair.

No matter how much you swing your hair back and forth, our hair extensions will stay in place. If you are going to a dance party, feel free to dance as much as you want without worrying about your hair extensions slipping off in the middle of a song.

Take advantage of our hair extensions at home service and same-day consultations and installation offer. Contact us at (212) 221-3881 to schedule a consultation for Brazilian hair extensions.