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How it Works...

Strands of the highest quality virgin remy human hair are attached to small sections of your own hair using Italian keratin glue to bond extensions to your own hair. The bonds are small, blends with your own hair color, and are virtually undetectable. Your hair can be washed, styled, processed, etc. as if you do not have attachments.

You are a perfect candidate for Fusion Extensions if....

You are growing out a short/bad haircut

You have thin - medium volume hair

You have at least 3-4 inches of your own hair

You are seeking to add highlights, volume, and/or length to your own hair.

You are not experiencing rapid loss of hair

You want to disguise damaged, over-processed hair while adapting a healthy hair regime.


A consultation is recommended to determine the amount of hair, hair texture, length, and color that will be required for YOUR new hair extensions application.


What are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion Hair Extensions — The Quickest Way to Get Flawless Hair

The hype surrounding fusion hair extensions is very real! Most women are leaning towards fusion hair extensions to fulfill their desire for long and luxurious locks. Are you one of those women who are looking for an effective solution for their hair? If you are, the fusion hair technique is exactly what you need.

Our Fusion Hair Extensions Has Been Making Women’s Dreams Come True for Years and Now, We Want to Make Your Dream into a Reality

Stop turning pages of magazines and staring at models with gorgeous hair. There is no need to wish or sigh at the thought of wanting beautiful hair because we can make your thought into a reality. We can give you the exact same hair you admire in magazines. You want the model-like hair and we want to give it to you!

Fusion hair extensions are a great option for anyone who needs to add length, thickness, or highlights to their hair. It has even become an option for women who want to hide a bad haircut, damaged hair, and thinning hair due to hair loss. Whether your reason for hair extensions is stylistic or is a solution, you will achieve a great hairstyle that will look natural and real.

Fusion Hair Extensions Comes with a Bucketful of Benefits

  • Longer lasting hair

  • No need to get the hair extensions redone or tightened

  • Extension colors do not lose color except the pastel shades will require recoloring

  • Allows effortless maintenance of hair

  • Extensions do not lose quality overtime

  • Can be dyed, curled, styled, and re-used

We do not use synthetic hair, but only use 100% virgin Brazilian hair and 100% virgin European hair. Virgin human hair is the reason why the hair looks like your own hair. You can treat it like your own hair.

Fusion Hair Extensions Offer You the Ultimate
Satisfaction of Having Natural Hair

Our virgin bundle hair is available in several strands. Each strand has a smooth, small, and squared shaped keratin protein tip that holds all the hairs together. Our certified and trained hair fusion experts can perform highlights (25 to 50 strands), quarter head (25 to 50 strands), half head (75 to 100 strands), three quarters head (80 to 120 strands), and entire head (100 to 150 strands).

To perform the hair extensions procedure, our professionals will use a hair extension tool to melt the solid tip and places the hair extension over a small segment of hair. When small plates melt and soften the bonds, our professionals use their fingers to mold and shape the melted keratin bond around the hair. When it cools down, the keratin hardens, and creates a sealed bond.

We offer hair extensions at home service as well as same-day consultations and installation. Contact us at (212) 221-3881 to schedule a consultation for Fusion hair extensions.