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Tape-in Hair Extensions the Show Stopping Trend to Achieve Stunning Locks

The feeling you get when you look good from head to toe is thrilling and exciting. For once, you feel happy and ecstatic that people are staring at your in amazement. What are they staring at so intently? They are staring at your gorgeous, luxurious, and bouncy hair! Your hair has never looked this good in your life! So, what changed?

You received tape-in hair extensions to achieve your stunning look. If people ask you what your secret is to beautiful hair, keep it to yourself. The only people who need to know your secret is you and us. If you want to change your look or disguise your current hair, you need to visit us for tape hair extensions.

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With Tape Hair Extensions, You Can Flaunt Your Looks Anywhere and Everywhere You Go

Tape-in hair extensions have become the go-to option for women who want to wear their hair a certain way. We have received clients who have asked us to put tape-in hair extensions because they have to go to an event, their wedding is coming up, or they are going on vacation and what their hair to look its best and picture ready.

Our clients prefer tape-in hair extensions because they are reusable, require little to no maintenance, are fast to install, minimize bulkiness, and appear natural. We supply 100% virgin Brazilian and 100% virgin European hair.

We work with virgin human hair because it enhances the natural look our clients are trying to achieve. By using virgin bundle hair to create the look, distinguishing between your hair and hair extensions becomes impossible to tell apart.

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Our certified and trained hairstylists will perform tape-in hair extensions. They will place the extensions into a clear base. Next, they will use a durable double-sided remy tape to attach the hair extension to the spot. The entire process takes around 45 minutes to perform. We recommend using the tape-in option to our clients who opt for clipin extensions, but now, want a more semi-permanent option.

We Use the State-of-the-Art Medical Grade Tape to Perform the Procedure

We have clients that come to us with the concern of the remy tape leaving residue behind or causing damage to their natural hair. We assure you that we only use high quality remy hair extensions and medical grade remy tape to perform tape hair extensions. Our tape-in hair extensions are a cost-effective option to fusion hair extensions and a more permanent option to clip-in hair extensions.

Want to Achieve a More Natural Look For Less?

We offer hair extensions at home service as well as same-day consultations and installation.

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