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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement...

ideal for men who are currently or have experienced hair loss due to medical, genetic, or other reasons, but are not quite ready to make the leap into the rather pricey and permanent world of surgical hair graphs and other outpatient procedures.

What is a non-surgical hair replacement?

As suggested by the name of the procedure, a light-weight system is placed directly over the hair loss site so it is integrated completely into the wearer’s hair. The silk, skin-like base of the system will appear as though it is the wearer’s own scalp which will allow the wearer to style his hair for any desired look, play with his hair, wet the hair, etc. The system becomes practically undetectable to the eye and touch.


How Does The Process Work?

A complimentary consultation is scheduled at our private Midtown Manhattan studio location, just steps from luxurious 5th Avenue shopping and dining, with one of our licensed professionals to discuss your hair loss pattern and determine the right system that will integrate the best with your own hair and even your lifestyle.

Upon determining your hair color, texture, density, and the size of the area of interest, a system will be created just for you and will be ready either on the same day or within one (1) week.

Once ready, your system is further customized for the perfect fit to the shape of your head. The system is then applied, with absolutely no discomfort at all, and our stylist will cut and style the 100% human hair to blend seamlessly with your own hair.

Just like that! You now have amazing, thick, luxurious hair with a look and feel that is so discreet no one will be able to tell that it is not all your own.

Will the hair blend with my own hair texture & color?

Customization of the hair pieces allow us to create a system that will perfectly blend with your hair color & texture. From curly and ethnic hair to straight and sleek hair, we are able to match most hair textures very easily.

Young, Trendy, Fabulous Hair Extensions & Hair Replacement offers a luxurious, semi-private studio that caters exclusively to hair extensions & hair replacement. Our studio also offers a full service salon menu which includes haircut, color, keratin treatments, etc.


Stop Envying Those Other Guys; Get The Solution!HAIR REPLACEMENT FOR MEN

Our Hair Replacement System for Men Works Wonders on Boosting Their Confidence.

Do you envy the men who have a full head of hair while you are losing yours? Some men start losing their hair at a young age while others lose their hair at an older age. It does not matter when you started to lose your hair because it lowers your confidence to the ground. We need to bring it back up and we know the perfect solution to do it. You don’t have to go under the knife either!

Top Non-Surgical Hair Replacement By Only The Best

We Give You The Leading the Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Solution for Men!

Our state-of-the-art system gives you beautiful hair made of real, virgin hair. Synthetic hair does not look real nor is it easy to care for, but our 100% virgin Brazilian and 100% virgin European hair is a whole different story. It is the real deal — literally! If you have lost your hair due to age, illness, genetics, or some other reason, visit us so we can tell you all about our amazing light-weight, non-surgical hair replacement procedure.

We offer a free complimentary consultation to men at our private Midtown Manhattan Studio. We would love to walk you through the entire process, from beginning to end, on how our system works. One of our certified and licensed professionals will sit down with you to discuss your hair loss pattern. This will help us determine the right hair replacement system for you, which we will also base on other factors such as your own natural hair and your lifestyle.

Painless, Instant Confidence Boost!

No Pain! Just a Simple Process to Get Your Confidence Back and Make You Look Years Younger

We have come across young men suffering from hair loss, which has made them look older than they are. After the non-surgical hair replacement procedure, it took several years off their age. Even older clients who visited us were amazed at the results.

To perform the non-surgical procedure, we place our system directly on top of the hair loss site to allow it integrate with your natural hair. To create our system, we have used a silk and skin-line base, which when placed over your head, looks like your natural hair.

Since we create our system using virgin human hair, you will be able to take care of it like you would your own hair. You will be able to style your hair, shower with it, and more. After every six to eight weeks, you will need to visit us for a retightening.

Our Process Works like this…

• Determine your hair color, density, texture, and size of the hair loss site

• Create a specialized system either the same day or in one week

• Customize the system to the shape of your head to ensure the perfect fit

• We cut, trim, and style your hair

Whether you want curly, straight, sleek, or ethnic hair, we have the expertise to match most hair textures.

We offer hair extensions at home service and same-day consultations and installation offer. Contact us at (212) 221-3881 to schedule a consultation for Hair Replacement for Men.