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We offer the best in wigs including Jewish wigs at competitive prices. We provide the Kosher wigs that you need for religious purposes ensuring the same exceptional quality and high standards as our other human hair wigs.

The Importance of Tradition….

After the wedding ceremony, an Orthodox Jewish bride is required to cover her hair. With one of our beautiful Jewish wigs & Full Lace Wigs, you will have exactly what you need after the wedding is completed. We offer full support with every purchase and we are available to answer any questions you have about the human hair wigs we have in stock. At Luxe Aura Hair Extensions, we provide unparalleled support for our customers ensuring their full satisfaction. You can expect to have the best experience when you choose us for your wig buying needs.


At Luxe aura Hair Extensions, we specialize in providing hair extensions and wigs for all occasions. When you are looking for the very best quality Kosher wigs & Virgin European Lace Wigs, we can supply exactly what you need. Our focus is on providing the premier customer experience with personalized services for every client. Whether you are searching for straight or curly Jewish wigs, we have many different options available to meet your needs.

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We Have Some of the Most Beautiful Jewish Kosher Wigs in Our Full Lace Wigs Collection

We know the importance of wearing a kosher Jewish wig for men and women of the Jewish of faith. Orthodox Jewish brides at their wedding wear Jewish kosher wigs or sheitel wigs because they need to cover their head once wed. Other times, our customers require kosher wigs to cover their head due to hair loss. We have a large collection of kosher wigs made from virgin human hair.

What is the Difference between Jewish Kosher Wigs
and Non-Kosher Wigs?

Kosher and non-kosher wigs do not differ in quality, appearance, and texture, as we created both using 100% virgin Brazilian hair and 100% virgin European hair. From a religious point of view, the hair used to create the wig must meet the requirements of the Jewish law called halakha.

The law states that men and women can only wear wigs made from 100 % European virgin human hair. Our full lace wigs meet the requirements entailed by the law, thus making them the perfect solution for men and women to wear at their wedding and hide hair loss or damaged hair.

If You Want to Add Bounce, Shine, and Volume to Your Hair, Opt for Our Jewish Kosher Wigs

We have helped several women and men choose the perfect full lace wig. We have helped brides look stunning on their wedding day and have helped men find their lost confidence due to hair loss. We want to do the same for you! We can show you our collection of kosher Jewish wigs.

In our collection of kosher wigs, you will come across all types of styles and colors. Our certified and trained hairstylists can assist you choose the perfect wig to wear. Once you have made your decision, we will install the wig in place.

Hair Replacement By Professionals

Our Jewish Kosher Wigs Are the Perfect Hair Replacement Solution

Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary hair replacement solution, our Jewish kosher wigs is the quick fix you need. You can wear the wigs at parties, weddings, or use them for everyday use. If you have any questions, we are here to answer. When you visit us, we will ensure you leave satisfied and with a hairstyle you always wanted to achieve. We will make your after wedding look one to remember! Cover your hair with a stylish, high quality, and durable kosher full lace wig. We have curly, straight, and curly kosher wigs.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line Jewish kosher wig, visit us today! We can outfit you with a wig on the day of your event or big day.

We offer hair extensions at home service as well as same-day consultations and installation.

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